Saintklet is a Brussels-based participatory project where values like diversity, inclusiveness and accessibility are central. The project was created in 2019 by Mentality vzw and HuisvandeMens Brussel. Saintklet seeks to be a catalyst for Brussels community life and aims to provide opportunities for diverse local talents and strengthen relevant social initiatives and organisations. 

We want to address different social challenges and create a space in which the various participants can interact with each other and exchange on those challenges in an open manner. 

Respect and equality are important principles for us. For this reason, we are preventively guided as a team by Modus Vivendi to do everything possible to make our various locations a safe environment where there is room for experimentation and dialogue. An environment where everyone can be themselves, regardless of sexual preference, skin colour, (mental) disability, gender, religion, etc. 

Saintklet on Tour will take place in open and closed spaces where the same rules apply: 

– No physical violence. 

– No mental violence. 

– No aggression. 

– No bullying. 

– No exclusion. 

– No religious discrimination. 

– No homo/transphobia. 

– No racism. 

– No fascism. 

– No hatred. 

We strive for safe places where everyone – both on- and offline – takes care of themselves and each other. We ask everyone to respect each other’s boundaries before, during and after our events. Everyone will be treated equally within the walls of Grand Hospice, HuisvandeMens Brussels & skatepark des Ursulines.