Saintklet X Hospice Records – DJ Workshop

Saintklet, Hospice Records & Jeugdhuis Chicago Maison de Jeunes join forces to organise a free workshop for kids and young people willing to learn the art of DJing.

More info will follow shortly if you want to get involved with the free workshop.

Saintklet X Distorsion

Located in the heart of Brussels, only a few meters away from Sainte Catherine bus stop, Distorsion Art Gallery is part of the temporary occupation project Grand Hospice.

Its missions :
– Making the exhibition accessible to emerging artists and give them visibility.
– Creating links and interactions with the other occupants of the Grand Hospice, the associative and cultural milieu and the public.
– Being a place of exchange, by bringing together artists based in Brussels and elsewhere.
– Offering accessible and affordable art to the public and the amazing discoveries that go with it.
– Sharing art as a means of self-fulfillment and togetherness, beyond preconceived ideas and differences.
In short, Distortion Art Gallery aims to promote accessible, local, supportive and alternative culture in an exceptional space.

An open call for artists has been made. More info on the artist showcased in the gallery will follow shortly.