Saintklet – Opening Saintklet

From 12th to 27th of August, Saintklet promotes a series of free events where you can enjoy electronic music and diverse recreational and educational activities in various locations in Brussels.

As partners, volunteers, friends and fellow klets you are all cordially invited to join us in Saintklet to enjoy some drinks, some music and the launch of our new Saintklet summer project.

Saintklet X Balance Ton Bar

Saintklet, in collaboration with Balance Ton Bar and C12, will be hosting an interactive lecture addressing the issues and challenges that Brussels faces in regards to discrimination and transgressive behavior in nightlife.

With Balance Ton Bar, activist Maïté Meeus is creating a movement and a platform where victims of sexual violence can share their stories anonymously.

As a club, C12 has developed a clear policy and has been working hard towards creating a safe environment for partygoers within its walls.

Brussels nightlife is undergoing changes, with safety and transparency being essential elements in the process of change. Saintklet wants to address the issues of discrimination and transgressive behaviour by having an open conversation with the guest speakers and the audience. Both organisations will walk us through their thought process and how they work towards resolving those challenges.

Saintklet X Ksaar – Workshops/ Market/ Party

Saintklet X Dwaalzin – Drugs prevention

Saintklet X Canal It Up – Cleaning the Kanal

Saintklet X Open Mic + Concert